Friday, August 31, 2012


woke from good dreams.  spent my morning laughing in the office, then took a little break at my favorite coffee shop, Krankies.  read my book on homesteading and made notes on everything from edible plants in the wild to types of ducks and/or chickens to raise.  this makes me very excited, I hope we have a water source on our land so that we can raise ducks!  also read about beekeeping, which sounds difficult but worth it.  honey and duck.  mmm.  these are a few of my favorite things.

favorite moments at school: singing "some nights" with Caila.  little pre-k twins Lily and Miller being absolutely silly, adamant that Wake and Wake Forest were two completely separate teams.  playing "concentration" with Zakaiya to stop her sulking because she was the last kid left at after-school.

watched Paka (Max's grandma with alzheimers) after work, with both the sweet pups as company.  read my magical book Wizard's First Rule while listening to Annie in the background (hands down my favorite musical soundtrack).  Max came by and cooked us the best yakisoba.  it was perfect.

happy friday folks.

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