Sunday, August 26, 2012


Carolyn and Rob came and stayed the night last night.  it is so refreshing having them around, they remind me of where I've come from and where I have to go.  I feel as if we are bound together for life by little silver threads lacing our shirttails together, glittering with a light dust of snow.  they make me laugh.  I am thankful that they are still only two hours away, that we still have a long while before we're separated by a long stretch of land and mountains.  I am certain that, even when that day comes, our silver threads will stretch across the distance, resilient.

after brunch with them today, we parted ways.  Fall is almost here, the breeze infectious, pulling me outdoors.  Sadie and I went up to High Point City Lake and walked the trails, listened to the sand and stone crunch beneath our feet.  I spotted endlessly marvelous types of flora, shiny marigold-mushrooms, felled trees, their limbs like antlers reaching skywards, a family of deer darting away in my peripheral.  Sadie, not seeing them, but her nose catching the scent.  the way she darted back and forth wildly in excitement.  I can't wait until she has acres to run off leash, until she can explore it all with her trusty nose leading the way, a pack of dogs beside her.

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