Friday, August 24, 2012

so long sweet summer

last day of summer camp, an amazing success.

I have never been happier to wake at 6 am with a cat on my chest, licking my nose.  my sweet hound sleeping beside the bed on the mountain of laundry coating the floor, and my love snuggled beside me.

highlights of the day: miss mighty mouse telling little Zach about a "cool camper" and him wondering if, since they were cool, they could do high kicks. his magnetic grin, proceeding to run around the hill doing said cool high kicks.  remembering the first time I really noticed him at camp, as he got into his mom's car in awe of miss mighty mouse, telling mom "did you know, miss mighty mouse says she is friends with the trees and the grass and the bugs and all the whole world?!"  the look of complete, honest, awe.

the fall breeze dancing around us all day at camp.  Jared (a sweet, sweet boy who wants nothing more to be a teen) being allowed to go to teen camp for the day, and his face beaming with happiness every time I saw him.

going to the local coffee shop, reading on a couch with a sweet black cat, drinking too much coffee then going to dinner with Max and his brother, Seth, at the new pizza joint by our house.  joking and smiling while being a little too wound up from the coffee. 

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