Thursday, August 23, 2012


at my school site orientation today, a five-year old girl with curly pigtails came to check out my table (filled with lots of balloons and circus-type toys).  I said, "hi darling."  her response, "my name's not darling."  the honesty of it, I love it!

I've been wanting to make homemade empanadas for awhile now, and tonight I checked them off my list.  my!  super delicious.  the first was full of chicken in a sweet and tangy ginger-almond mix, the second had an incredibly spicy chili paste, jalapenos, and black beans.  I didn't even get around to making the desert empanadas with the fresh raspberries and blackberries Max brought home.  too much dough and fryer oil, I was feeling sick!  I had originally thought about making them at my darling friend Carolyn's bridal shower, but now I realize they require a lot more attention than I'd want to give the kitchen while a celebration of my best is going on!

for as long as I have know Carolyn and Rob (which is a very long time now) I have sworn that they are the reason I believe in love.  and that is a truism.  they are my snowflakes.

these are from prom lightyears ago when Caro and I were seniors in highschool.  we will retake them this January, when Rob and Carolyn finally tie the knot, seal my belief in their love with two "I do's" and plenty of kisses.

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