Tuesday, August 28, 2012

lion man, too.

in a year and a half time, I will load up my belongings and move across country with Max, his best friend Sumpter, and the lovely Madison.  Max calls them life-partners, bonded together by those little fibers.  I wouldn't trust the journey so fully if it weren't for them.  for the unique skills we each bring to the table.  we will make our home out of shipping containers in the Colorado foothills, and we will thrive.

these are the original blueprints, the original plan.  but it's a changeling, our house growing new forms with new ideas, Sumpter meticulously planning down to the last detail what will be needed to go into our home.  Madison and I both researching crops to grow, researching edible plants found in the wild, looking into sustainable living.  all of us working hard, saving up to make the move.

I went to my favorite rooftop in Greensboro tonight with someone I'd consider a life-partner as well.  at our favorite Irish pub, Ian and I shared our ideas on life and angels, ghosts, and magic.  Ian is living proof that there is magic everywhere, that it's not always something seen with the eye, but felt within.  he's helped me grow, made me believe.

tonight, Ian told me that in six months time he is following his twin sister across the lands to Colorado.  my face lit up, to know that someone so important to me will be there with us, will be there working with us to make our dream come true.  I honestly feel like we're working with a power team.  I have never been so sure that something this far off was actually happening.

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