Wednesday, October 2, 2013

a change of seasons.

the end of Summer came in a solar flare.  my first ever booth at a festival.  Tate St. Festival to be exact, with my eccentric, creative, beautiful friends.  we rocked it through the rain on the streets of my college town, my mom & niece & Max & pals there to support us.  love everywhere. 

Angelina Rodriguez
(Photo above was taken by Lina)

It's been so awesome launching Lucky Little Warriors.  my family & friends & even strangers have been so incredibly supportive.  I am beyond thankful for them, their support is the fuel that keeps me chugging along.  it feels so good to be creating on a regular basis, & to know I have a tribe of warriors at my side, pushing me forward.  thank you, thank you, thank you.

I feel myself more connected with the changing seasons this Autumn, & also, I feel like maybe the planets are dancing some funky dance throwing everything out of whack.  It is exciting & scary.  I feel wildly ambivalent; happy & sad & loved & full of love & scared & positively pumped.

This past week has been one big test after another, & with patience & thought & ultimately the magic within myself & the humans I surround myself with, I'm proud to say I passed.  It is a wonderful gift to have friends to hash it out with.  who are understanding & forgiving when I speak in anger. who remind me to speak in love.  who dance like maniacs with me into the night, music beating in our bones when words just won't suffice

this life is beautiful.  nothing is guaranteed.  nothing constant but the ever changing seasons.  this used to scare the daylight out of me, but now it reminds me I am glowingly alive.  & for that I am thankful.