Tuesday, August 21, 2012

brownie days.

"this place should be condemned," Oliver said, "making kids read over the summer is illegal."

today was the last day of camp for one of our campers who will always stick out brightly in my memory because, without fail, every time I saw him he made me laugh.  the first thing Oliver ever said to me was, "you got yo' teeth in this bag," while waving back and forth, I can only assume, an imaginary bag.  I was slightly disturbed at first, before I realized that he was quoting some comedian, and that this was his eccentric way of sharing something he loved with me.  he has, it seems, no fear of being seen as weird, he just is. 

his way of thinking is something I think we could all do with a little more of, a confidence to be who we are, not who others want us to be.  I will miss the unusual conversations we shared, but am thankful I got to spend this summer listening to Oliver rant on fruit-baskets and cloaks and the injustice of being made to read during the summer.  (the book-nerd in me hopes he changes his mind about reading eventually.) 

I am thankful for any given persons' ability to grow and change.  that we have the freedom to do our own research, learn what is good for us and what we can do with less of.  I am enchanted by the knowledge I gain each day that guides me in making good choices (and reminds me of the bad).  so tonight I ate a salad for dinner, after indulging in the delicious goodness of a brownie. 

I am thankful for tonight's pre-dinner brownie, and that tasty salad I ate after.

that's a huge thing for me say; I had never, ever, eaten a salad for any meal ever before a few weeks ago.  in fact, I did not eat vegetables at all until I was 22 years old.  ridiculous, I know.  but I was a stubborn child, and anyway, I didn't understand health.  I was young and invincible with no notion that my actions might impact my future. 

the change in me occurred, in a large part, because of Max.  he pushed me to eat the vegetables I was so terrified of and now adore, and we pushed each other to eat at home more often and cook our meals.  this is surprisingly fun.  I am still shocked at the tasty meals we concoct on a regular basis. I love the home we have created together.

my life is good.  I have the things that I need, and I can work towards things that I want, like a camera to photograph the delight that surrounds me, and a day not so far off into the future where we'll land on Colorado soil and call if home.

until then, our brick house, filled with our love, the hound pup, and our lion of a cat, will be our perfect, temporary home.

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