Wednesday, August 21, 2013

mountain scale.

sometimes, I get so caught up in the dream, the idea of how I imagine life should be, that I forget to sit back and appreciate life as it is. 

we drove to the mountains, my best friend Caro & I, for a wedding of a friend from high school.  Kaela was a stunning bride, & we danced & laughed & maybe cried just a smidgen, as she glowed down the aisle.  & before we knew it the night was over, & we curled up in our hotel room & just talked.  a sigh of relief.

I have always kept too much in, a wallflower.  I've never liked to cause a commotion, & I mostly like to listen more than I like to talk.  but with Carolyn conversation comes easy.  it felt so nice talking to her, tucked cozy in our beds.

our talks opened the flood gates, & when I got home, I broke.  it all came rushing out, every little silly thing that's been bothering me. mind you, I've been sick for what feels like forever now, & I'd been lacking in sleep, so it wasn't eloquent.  but afterward, when it was all out, with Max's arms around me, I felt like I had been cleansed. it was just the medicine I needed.

mountains have always had a good way of putting everything into perspective.  & so maybe my dream life looks a little different than expected right now.  doesn't mean I can't love it with all I've got. I hope you're loving your life with all you've got, too. 'cause there's beauty everywhere, if you look for it.