this blog is my way of staying young forever, of sharing the joy that befalls me on a daily basis.

I'm amanda moonbeam, book-worm, baker, blessed to spend my days surrounded by curious little faces, the children of my community.  their words put kaleidoscopes before my eyes, remind me to keep outside one perspective, to constantly keep looking.  they are travel-maps, marvelous landscapes, a thousand planets spun together in one place.

I am lucky to have them to remind me daily what I should know already: that there is so much love in the world, that I have so much love.  I am amazed by them.  amazed at the awe-inspiring friends I've found.  thankful for my roots.  excited to grow mountains in my future.

I am lucky.  the wind blows behind my back often; I find comfort in this, know that my guiding wind will blow again even after the breeze ceases, when the air feels almost stagnant.  and then when it turns ravenous, a hurricane dancing 'round, I know this too will pass.

breathe.  it's something I tell myself often.  we get through this world like lucky little warriors.  it won't be forgotten.

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