Thursday, September 6, 2012

our laughter kept the feathers in the air.

I have been silent these last few days.  not because I didn't have words but because I've been struggling for time.

Tuesday night I got to see my oldest friend, Julie, and a college friend, Julia, in Chapel Hill.  Julie was in town from California, where she just recently moved.  it was so lovely seeing them, they are both filled with such intellect and passion that the entire night was spent problem-solving, asking why a whole lot, trying to understand the civilization we've built up.

I am reminded of a time when Julie and I were wee little Freshmen in college.  we came up with an idea: what if the universe is a joke?  every time you laughed you'd get a little bit closer to understanding it.  so we made a point to laugh a whole lot.  I'm still not sure about the great answer to the universe, but I think the laughing thing helped anyway.

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