Wednesday, September 12, 2012

kid stuff

at camp hanes, I took a workshop titled "the great escape" by the fabulous Jen De Ridder which was all about keeping your inner child alive by laughing, eating dessert first some nights, breaking silly societal rules, wearing mismatched socks, and getting plenty of play.

it was such a wonderful workshop, I took it twice.

I get to play often, I'd like to say I'm pretty in touch with my inner kid.  And though some weeks (like this week) I feel swamped down with adult work, I always have those moments that make that stress seem to dissipate. 

These pictures are from my beautiful niece Emma's birthday party.  I love them, despite the burn effect on the film, each photo glimpsing in at the magical world of play these girls created, an innocent place, a happy place.

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