Thursday, September 12, 2013

lucky little warriors.

everywhere I go is different than the place I imagined.  and I love that.

I stopped wishing to create every day, and started creating.  at maggie's farmhouse, down in her pottery studio, I learned to use her wood-burning tool and fell in love.

I carved pictures with fire across the crepe myrtle discs I had sawed from my favorite tree.  I didn't want to stop.  honestly, I haven't since. Maggie's borrowed tool in hand, I have been feverishly creating trinkets for tate st. fest and my new etsy store.

it started out a love letter to Max.  I'm sure if I dug around in our boxes and baskets I would find it still, a simple love note I wrote one day and left on the coffee table for him to find.  lucky little warriors, I called us.  and I meant, we are fighters in the only way fighting can be good; pure, positive force.  love.  and I meant, count your blessings.  be grateful.

I am lucky.  to have such creative, eccentric, inspiring friends around me.  grateful Maggie invites me over to create with her, and then allows me to borrow her things.  (I promise you, I'm getting my own wood-burning tool soon, Maggs)

I am lucky.  to have friends who invite me to share booths with them at craft fairs because they believe in me.  to have people in my life who encourage me (big shout out to my Aunt Debbie for being my first sale on etsy, your support means the world to me). 

I am so happy, every day I create something new.  every day I am encouraged and excited.  I am doing what I've always dreamed about doing but didn't have the guts or the gusto to do it.  I am fighting my laziness, my doubts.  I'm making the best of these days I'm given.  and baby, it feels good.

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