Sunday, July 14, 2013

everyday magic

It has been so long since I last posted, so much has happened.

Sumpter, Madison, and Montana moved in on a rain-laden day in a whirlwind; boxes piled in every corner of the house, inside and out, only one little path to walk, and then we worked until the wee hours of the morning, painting and unpacking.  Piling our carport high with things to sell in the yard sale.  Getting rid of so many personal possessions was like lifting one giant weight.  We all got rid of so much, and yet, since they moved in, our lives have been filled.  Always another soul around, both a blessing and a curse.  On those rare occasions when I find myself at home alone I am almost overwhelmed by the silence, unsure what to do at first, wanting to do so many things.

I find myself like this often, filled with so many ideas, struggling to start anywhere.  I want to craft, paint, blog, sew, sing, dance, and I do, I try.  but I'd like to do more.  I'm thinking of starting an etsy shop to post some things I have created (paintings, story stones, pendants) in the hopes that they can find good homes, add a little color to the lives of others.  I'll share when it happens.

These are some pendants Madison and I painted for Bonnaroo, made of wood from the holly bushes we cut back in front of the house.

Speaking of crafting, Max's Mom gave me an antique sewing machine for my birthday, a beautiful machine that once belonged to his grandmother (or maybe great grandmother..).  This past week, my Mom came to visit and we sat together setting up the machine, working out the kinks until it was ready for action.  It was peaceful, sitting there with my Mama, listening to her stories and her wisdom.  I relished every second she was here, loved to be near her, to learn from her.  I have saved all my old t-shirts, tucked under the bed, just waiting for me to learn to sew so that I can make a t-shirt quilt.  Fingers crossed I'll be able to do it without Mama's watchful eye.

Life is chaotic and beautiful and tiring.  It's not always easy.  Some days I feel like the water levels have risen above my head and I am drowning, and other days I can cheerfully let the little things slide off my shoulders like droplets of water.  I learn something new every day, practice patience and honesty, practice selflessness.  I practice directing my energy towards the positive.  I am lucky, every day. So lucky, to have a Mama to share with me her knowledge.  To have Max's parents around for support when mine are far away.  To have friends and family near and far, to have the love of the animals who share our home.  I am lucky to have Max, lucky that he doesn't give up on me when I sit in the swamps boohooing about what's not going right. There is a lot that is right.

Our garden grows, and grows, and grows.  The caterpillars eating the cabbage, ants swarming the strawberries, daikon radish and mums flowered heads towering high above it all, waving the butterflies welcome.  There's something so satisfying about getting your hands and knees grubby in the garden, it makes me feel like I am accomplishing something worthy, something that gives back.

Our garden lentils, ready for eating.

Life is good, all it takes is a little reminder, a little positive thinking.  What's good in your neck of the woods?  What magic have you seen lately?

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